Wilson Premier Padel Speed ​​24x3 Pcs. (6 Dozen)

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All about the Wilson Premier Padel Speed ​​24x3 Pcs. (6 Dozen)

Most important features:

- Official padel balls from Premier Padel tournaments;
- Created in collaboration with professional padel players;
- Highest quality padel ball.

Wilson Premier Padel Speed ​​is the official ball partner of Premier Padel tournaments. Carefully designed to meet the demands of professional players, these balls offer optimal durability, as well as a balanced combination of speed and control. The Wilson Premier Padel Speed ​​is designed to play in slower playing conditions. The development team included leading professionals such as Fernando Belasteguín, an icon in the world of padel.

Packaging: 24 x 3

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Wilson Premier Padel Speed ​​24x3 Pcs. (6 Dozen)
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